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A strategic approach

Design does not only fulfill an aesthetic function. The goal of design is to translate the company's values ​​into a visual form and communicate with the customer. An adequate solution can only be found thanks to a strategic process that not only navigates the designer, but subsequently determines the direction and character of the entire brand. The absence of a strategy leads to confusion about how to present products and services consistently and can paralyze you in the long run. It also inspires internal decisions and helps define the company's overall culture. Strategy is your beacon in the middle of a stormy sea to which you can return safely.

Graphic design

specializing in product packaging and projects that give more space to creativity. Solutions in the form of original illustrations are a great choice not only for premium products – wine, coffee, teas, chocolates, candles, seasonal gift packages, but naturally also for children's products, healthy food products, etc. In some cases, a creative solution can also mean a completely minimalist concept based on on a beautiful font and appropriately chosen material (graphic papers, application of metallic foils, etc.) 



Creative photography

If you want to capture or delight the eye of your customers, a distinctive photo is indispensable in today's world. We are overwhelmed by images and it is much more challenging to reach new or existing clients. A properly chosen photo can significantly underline the unique style of your brand and differentiate it from the competition. (note: I do not offer portrait photography.).


The understanding of veganism

Veganism is not just about food. It's a life attitude. Knowledge of all its aspects and intense interest in the field of sustainability and ecology will facilitate our mutual communication. So we can fully invest our energy in a creative solution and promotion of your brand.

Let's work together to create a better future for all.

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