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The flower project

In this immersive exploration, I delve into the profound connection between scent and visual aesthetics. The Guess perfume, with its seductive essence, serves as the catalyst for a creative rendezvous with the extraordinarily fragile beauty of red poppies. It's a symphony of senses, where fragrance and bloom coalesce into a harmonious visual narrative.

Venturing into local forests, I have discovered a profound source of inspiration that goes beyond the conventional. Instead of relying on artificial objects or props, I find solace in collecting natural and botanical elements that tell a story of the environment around me. Leaves, twigs, flowers, and stones become the raw materials for my artistic pursuits, providing an extra layer of authenticity to my projects.

Photography, in particular, becomes a canvas for these organic treasures. Each element, carefully selected from the heart of nature, adds a unique touch to my compositions. The play of light on intricate leaf patterns, the textures of weathered twigs, and the vibrant hues of wildflowers become the focal points of my lens, capturing moments that resonate with the essence of the natural world.

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