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Logo for vegan catering

Hostina is a team of young professionals who dispel myths about boring vegan menus through their catering and push the boundaries of traditional gastronomy. They organizes experiential events, pop-ups, vegan cooking courses, educates in the form of a podcast about sports and a plant-based diet, and inspires with their bold approach to positive change.

I created a new logo (rebranding as part of changing the company's name and an aim to move more activities under one roof), designed the color palette, typography and business cards - for this purpose we chose 100% hemp paper and special Gmund graphic paper in Forest Green color .

Part of the philosophy is a love for cooking, an ethical approach to animals and zero waste. But they do not stop at just the taste experience, they also pay attention to nutritional values, freshness & they grow their own seasonal herbs.

Hostina is a symbol of good and healthy food and a celebration of life with full respect for the wisdom and richness of nature.

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